IMPORTANT DATES!! Science Fair Research Paper due December 13; Science Fair Presentation - December 14!!! The Research Paper must be submitted in a presentation folder with a clear front cover. The Title Page should show through the front cover. The table of contents and the abstract should have their own separate pages. The rest of the paper can continue at the point where the prior section ends. Separate the sections with a subtitle centered and in bold. 

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3-ring Notebook with dividers
Scientific Calculator
 The academic standards and performance indicators establish the practices and core content for all Chemistry 1 courses in South Carolina high schools. 
The six core areas of the Chemistry 1 standards include:  
Atomic Structure and Nuclear Processes  
Bonding and Chemical Formulas 
States of Matter  
Solutions, Acids, and Bases  
Chemical Reactions  
Thermochemistry and Chemical Kinetics

    Research Paper- Subatomic Particles  
 Chapter 2 Vocabulary                        
 Chapter 3 Vocabulary Chapter 4 

Element Research Paper and Symbol
 Chapter 5
 Chapter 6

 Chapter 7

 Chapter 8
 Chapter 9
 Chapter 10
 Chapter 11

Unit Terms

Subatomic Particle Research Paper - Due September 11! 
Periodic Table Symbol Rubric for Element Research Paper
Element Research Paper   Due September 28

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