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                                    AHS  Digital Library Materials                           

Our Follett collection contains digital audiobooks and eBooks. 

Materials can be read or listened to online with FollettShelf accessed through our Destiny Catalog. 

 Install the Follett to the BryteWave K-12 App for use without using your data on mobile devices. 

 *  Your username is the first part of your school gmail address and use your gmail password as well. 


   Audiobooks and Ebooks for use online. 
      See me for the password. 


AHS Library Media Center Fundraising 

Honor a Student, Graduate or Community Member by Placing a Book in our Library

PDF Flyer about our Program                                      Click Here to Donate

We can purchase current, new, high quality hardback books for as little as $5.00! 

All books are priced $5, $7, $9 and $16.50. 

A donation of $195.00 will allow us to receive a book a month for a year!

Students may help choose the book or one can be selected for you. 

Internet Resources


Fun Author Information 

Help with Assignments

MLA formatting
Research and Information Sources

   One of the best places for credible information online!
                See Mrs. Sleister for the home access password.


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