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Common Core Resources

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts and for Mathematics were 
adopted by South Carolina as its standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics in July of 2010. 

The standards will be fully implemented in school year 2014-15

Sponsored by the Education Oversight Committee / SCDOE 2013

Helpful Websites

The following websites are not endorsed by our school or district and are offered as a resource for information. 

     The S²TEM Centers SC CCSSM Implementation Team provides quality professional learning experiences and
       support resources for educators preparing for implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

EduCore    ASCD  Tools for teaching the Common Core. 


OpenEd     More than a quarter million videos and games, all Common Core aligned.

 The website for students with disabilities, links evidence-based practices, Universal Design for Learning, and technology to guide teachers, 
school leaders, professional development facilitators, and teacher educators in their professional learning.

BETTERLESSON built for the common core          

                 Over 3,000 complete Common Core-aligned lessons from our 130 Master Teachers.